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Elttem Dranoel is someone who put everything in his life aside and became a missionary in England to help people understand God and Man. From a Godly background he respects all religions and culture of the world as a stepping-stone to adopting a proper standard of living in advancement of the human race both spiritually and physically.

As the author of “The Holy Truth”, he sees his life as a sacrifice in the service of the Almighty God, the great architect of the knowable universe who’s spirit lives and grows within all things that contribute to our intelligence and knowledge of being. In the beginning he was, at the present he is, and if there should be an end, he will be. The true Father who’s home is Heaven. I was, I am and I will be the key to my home.

The contents of this book should be seen as having various meanings due to the nature of the language used. It is poetry, fiction as well as bearing some truth of various dimensions. It is the reader’s responsibility to decide fiction, truth or poetry. It’s only a guide along the path of righteousness and wisdom. It has to be this way, God’s way.

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